Doors Playground

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Let your imagination loose with the new mod of people doors playground.

In people ragdoll playground doors mod, you need to make sure that the zombie ragdoll people and the slender man gets the injection without touch the healthy ragdoll people .

This game is for people who enjoy throwing around playground but want it to be more detailed.
the game of people doors playground is free so play this mod now.

can you Save your people ragdoll from falling off the playground?
can you save your ragdoll doors from the zombies?
Make the people zombies ragdoll explode
Don't let the zombies touch the doors or he will turn into a ragdoll zombie
Guess your people doors ragdoll personality.

Features of People doors Playground:

-There's more than enough space for people to play around in at the playground.
- People Stickman Playground the new mod a thrilling game where you can make your Ragdoll do an acrobatic move .
- run away from the electric machine
- run away from the doors and slender man and the chainsaw man
-active the ghost button to live the experience in people doors
- make your people doors ragdoll win to get gifts.
- save the doors ragdoll from the zombies
- This is only virtual fun, so do not be afraid of some tough collisions of your people ragdoll playground .
- This mod is a new one is desinged to make you live the experiance.
- The environment is designed to look minimalistic, with a variety of various levels to explore.
- People doors Playground the new mod offers you even better details for your satisfaction.

Do not wait, go in people doors Playground adventures and have a fun.
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  • Category: Education
  • Platform: Android
  • Developer: Astovini Studio
  • Visits: 0
  • License: Free
  • Last Update: October 16, 2023
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